Aloé Vera Based Products

All products are Home-Made with Care and Love.
Over 95% of ingredients are from Certified Organic Origin or my own organic production.

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jus d'Aloé Vera

100% pure, no water added,
contains 1% vitamin C
as preservative
This juice is FRESH
no sterilisation nor pasteurization.

Keep refrigerated!

Organic Aloe Vera Juice

Used internally, the aloe vera juice stimulate the immunitary defenses; it is antobiotic, ani-inflammatory, anti-viral, and has a mighty healing power. It contributes to the elimination of toxins, and to the cleaning of congested organs (kidneys, liver...). It relieves stomach cramps, ulcers, gastric pains. Aloe vera juice is recommanded for diabetes, allergies, constipation, cardiac problems.It softens sore throats, and ulcerations in the mouth.

Drink 15 à 30 ml after meals, 1 to 3 times a day, since aloe vera is more active on a full stomach..

1000 ml:
22,00 €

The juice is conditioned in
amber PET

The juice is thickened a bit with Xantan gum (1%),
a natural food thickener,
that doesn't need heating
and makes the gel edible.


Organic Aloe Vera Gel

For skin and mucous membranes
of humans and animals

Used externally, the aloe vera gel relieves immidiately all types of burns: (hot, cold, chemical, XRays), sunburns, chaffing, irritations, insect bites, shaving burns, hemorroids, etc
It can heal or help in diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, herpes.
lt possess anti-bacteria properties that can inhibit Candida Albican or mycosis (athlete foot).

In the mouth to relieve canker sores , bites, wounds, any type of ulceration.

The aloe vera gel has the reputation to lessen brown spots on aging face and hands skin. Its lifting, tensing and regenerating effects makes the gel an anti-aging cosmetic ideal for tired, mature skins. It stimulates the growth of fibroplasts and the sythesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Applied on hair, dry or wet, it hydrates, repairs, and gives the hair
a beautiful shine and makes it easy to do one's hair.
Great for dandruff, psoriasis, itchy or irritaded scalp.

As for us, the gel will help our domestic animals, from all wounds,
insect bites, or skin disease that affect them.

Trick: If you find that the gel tenses the skin on your face too much, apply a thin coat of vegetable oil on the skin then rub in a bit of aloe vera gel. It makes a great cream!


Airless pump dispenser
200 ml:
17,00 €

Airless pump dispenser
100 ml:
12,00 €

Airless pump dispenser
50 ml:
9,00 €

Being an ailess dispenser,
no need to keep the gel cold, But keep it away from the sun and under
45°C - 113°F

dentifrice a l'Aloé Vera

Organic Aloe Vera
Wild horsetail decoctin,
Tincture of propolis.
Essential Oils:


Dental gel

This dental gel is especially conceived for problematic gums : bleeding, receding gums, ulcers, abcesses, canker sore, etc.

*Aloe vera softens and repairs tissues.

*Wild horsetail (Equisetum arvense) decoction contains silicium. On top of a good cleaning of the teeth, it mineralizes and strengthens the mouth tissues with lasting effect.

*The tincture of propolis sanitize and disinfects.

*Mint/Verbena or Aniseed essential oils gives the gel a pleasant taste, and a fresh breath.

Airless pump dispenser
57 ml:

8,00 €

baume anti-douleur

Aloe vera, Comfrey, green clay,
Arnica Montan and
BlackCurrent tinctures
Essential Oils:
Clove, Thyme, Lavender

Balm for Pains

This balm has been conceived to relieve all sorts of pains: muscle pain, sprains, lumbagos, etc., as well as abcesses and boils (green clay).

Great on arthritis, helps on tendinitis.
Use with or without friction, or for massages.
And it gives an amazing skin!

Tube 100 ml:
27,00 €

Tube 50 ml:
17,00 €

Aloe Vera, Marigold oil or Dog Rose oil
For day or night
Essential oil Rosewood
Rose Geranium




Cream Aloe vera et Marigold oil (Calendla Officinalis)

Aloe vera 49%, Sun-macerated Marigold oil (49%)
Perfume: Pau Rosa essential oil

A rich, nourishing and restorative cream. Easily absorbed by the skin,
it can be used for day or night purpose on face and hands.
The Pau Rosa essential oil is famous for its anti-wrinkle effect.

Airless pump dispenser

57 ml:
26,00 €

Anti-wrinkle Cream
Aloe vera and Dog Rose oil (Rosa Canina)

Aloe vera 72%, Dog Rose oil 20%, Hyaluronic acid, perfume Rose Geranium essential oil

Anti-wrinkles preparation, Dog Rose oil is known for the care
of mature skins, and hyaluronic acid is an excellent restructuring
and anti-aging agent.
Scented with Rose Geranium essential oil.

Airless pump dispenser
30,00 €


Aloe vera, Shea butter, Comfrey butter
essential oil


Restorative/Healing Balm
for lips and crevasses

A very oily balm made of aloe and shea/comfrey butter, to repair chapped lips and crevasses on feet and fingers.
Scented with Clementine essential oil (which is not sun-sensitive)

A must! To repair even faster, apply some ale vera gel on top of the balm and rub it in.

50ml :
25,00 €

stick lips:
6,00 €

10ml :
8,00 €

Oils of Dog Rose, Coco,
Coprah and Shea butter.
Non-allergenic !



Soft and tender on the skin,
this soap also gives out a very nice foam that holds well.
No perfume/essential oil to avoid any allergenic component.

100 g :
6.00 €

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